For Employment Consultants

Assisting people into work requires focus and commitment and these skills are even more important when working with people who have barriers to employment.

  • Although working in the front lines of the employment services industry can be very rewarding,  it can also be very challenging.

    With a host of activities to be completed on a daily basis including general administrative duties, compliance tasks, client contact interviews, resume tailoring, job matching and the ever present necessity of achieving placement outcomes, it is not surprising de-motivation and burn-out can be the result of trying to do too much in too little time in a highly reactive environment with daily setbacks and constant interruptions.

    Our Managing Director, Natalia Josephs, is one of Australia’s most successful placement practitioners having  placed over 3,500 people into work – most of whom had multiple barriers to employment.

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Natalia now travels Australia teaching her simple but effective techniques to better placement outcomes.  During her training,  many consultants shared with her the challenges they faced at work on a daily basis; Natalia listened.

As a result, she decided to put together a website that provided a range of information that would assist consultants to achieve their outcomes.  This website is the result of her discussions with consultants from all over Australia on what they needed in the way of practical resources to save time, and do their job better.

Market My Clients is designed to make your life as an employment services worker easier.

This website provides access to a set of comprehensive tools for consultants including:


    • A studio recorded version of Natalia’s renowned Ready Match Place training program.


    • Access to a range of online training programs consultants can undertake as part of their professional development.  Certificates are awarded for each program undertaken.


    • A job readiness gizmo – an assessment tool that allows you to evaluate whether a client is job ready


    • Resume building templates – a wide selection of resumes for different job titles so you can check the skills needed for a position and then tailor the resume slightly for your job seeker if there is a match.


    • Covering letters – a comprehensive guide to drafting cover letter and samples to get you started.


    • Canvas letter templates – samples of canvas letter to send to potential employers.

Natalia is always available to chat via email about specific issues facing a placement, or for your valued input and suggestions on ways her team can improve the website to make it more effective and useful for the consultants and job seekers using it.